The Gulf of Chiriqui is a hub of biodiversity.

An extraordinary amount of biodiversity exists in the Gulf of Chiriqui, with thousands of species living between the ocean floor and the treetops.

Panama animals

On the lush jungles of the area’s islands, howler monkeys feed their young and socialize in trees hung with colorful orchids and bromeliads. Jungle cats, iguanas, armadillos, porcupines, tropical squirrels and colorful frogs also call the jungle home.

Panama birds

Vivid warblers, tanagers, woodpeckers, parrots and toucans perch in the treetops and on rocky island outcroppings. The mangrove lagoons attract leggy spoonbills, herons and ibis feed while dozens of hummingbirds and butterflies buzz among tropical flowers. Look up to spot frigate birds, hawks, pelicans, boobies and caracaras.

Panama Marine Species

Humpback whales migrate here to mate and calf. During the four months of whale season they can be seen nearly every day, along with dolphins, hawksbilled sea turtles and spotted eagle rays. You’ll also find mahi-mahi, marlin, tuna, snapper, needlefish, parrotfish, grouper, scorpionfish… the list of species goes into the thousands!

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